Barrel Stave Mirror

One of the things you learn quickly when working with barrel staves is that there tends to be a good bit of scrap left over.  This stems from the fact that you are whittling away at the staves more so than woodworking with them.  The barrel stave ends, unless they are some part of the […]

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Table for the Fain Family Like this:Like Loading…

Reclaimed Porch Ceiling Mirror Frame

While scrounging around Farmer and I came across some blue painted lumber, tongue and grove with a beaded face.  Initially I thought it was some old wainscot but then I remembered that back in the day, late 1800’s is my guess, folks would paint their porch ceiling blue.  The reason for this was to confuse […]

Smoke French Fries!, Save America!

While looking at other folks furniture designs, I often wonder, what is the difference between most of us, who think we think “outside the box”, and those who actually do.  Saying, “I’m just thinking “outside the box”” usually means you are trying to make excuses for the stupid thing that just came out of your […]

Reclaimed African Mahogany….Now What?

Sometimes, it’s not what you know or who you know, but who you know that also knows who know, who knows what you know. Ya, know? Thanks to having some interesting and, well traveled friends, I’ve come across a bit of African Mahogany, in the form of a desk.     While breaking down this […]

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